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MS-Intense Factory-Racing heisst Chris Kovarik willkommen


(pm)MS- INTENSE FACTORY- RACING is proud to announce the signing of Australian DH and 4X star Chris Kovarik for 2006/2007. Chris had different offers, but he decided to work on with the team of 2005 come into being by the cooperation of INTENSE Cycles and MS- RACING.

After a couple of top results in his comeback season 2005, Chris aims for the top three in overall UCI world cup and the UCI world championships. C.K. will team up with his Swiss team fellow Claudio Caluori and the Australian newcomer Darren Pokoj to represent MS- INTENSE FACTORY- RACING on international level at all UCI world cups, the European IXS series and chosen international events like the Sea Otter Classics or the Crankworx Festival.

Beside the international riders the Austrian athletes Petra Bernhard, Mathias Haas and Georg Engel complete the team with main focus on European events.

MS- INTENSE FACTORY- RACING team manager Lukas Haider comments; ”We are very lucky about the actual team structure and the development of MS- RACING. The closer cooperation with INTENSE cycles and the engagement of C.K. are further steps on the way to realize the vision of the MS- RACING founder Markus Stoeckl of an ideal working mountain bike races team”.

MS- INTENSE FACTORY- RACING is proud to cooperate with a range of race interested partners like Manitou suspension, Easton, Shimano, E13, THE, Intense tire systems, Fi’zi:k, Fox Racing wear or Pedro’s tools to be a competitive team in the world racing scene.

For more information please visit www.intensecycles.com or the 2006 website of MS- INTENSE FACTORY- RACING (www.ms-racing.at)

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