Am fünften Mai findet das zweite Rennen der neugegründeten 4X ProTour statt – nach dem ersten Halt in Houffalize/Belgien geht es am kommenden Wochenende nach Szczawno Zdroj in Polen.

Hier findest du eine Videovorschau auf die Strecke:

4x Pro Tour Runde 2 (Polen) – Streckencheck von Thomas auf

Die Info vom Veranstalter:

After the tremendous success of round 1 of the 4X ProTour in Houffalize, Belgium, just 2 weeks ago, round 2 is upon us and will take place in Szczawno Zdroj, Poland on Saturday night – 5th May.

The town of Szczawno takes 4X very seriously. ‘sunny meadow’ 4X track is in the centre of the town and is the sport of choice for the area. A lot of money and pride is invested into the track by the local mayor and race organiser Andzrej Skrzypczak or just Andy basically dedicates his life to ensuring that this race is the best event it can possibly be every year.


Residents in Szczawno also take 4X very seriously. When the 4X ProTour rolls in to town at the weekend, there will be billboards promoting the event, shops with posters in the windows and best of all, the towns shops will close early on Saturday afternoon to make sure that everyone can get over to the 4X track to watch the race. 4X for this town is very important.

The track is a work of art. A fantastic start cabin covers the riders before they snap out of the gate and race on the fastest 4X track we will visit this year. High speed and huge jumps are the trait for this track and only the most focused riders will make it to the final.

After his sensational win at round 1, Tomas Slavik is entering round 2 with the points lead and the most important thing in 4X – confidence. 2 weeks ago he won every race to take the win ahead of Czech compatriot – Lucas Mechura. Of course at round 1, Jacub Riha was the fastest qualifier as well. It was clear to see that Czech domination in Belgium was in full force. At round 2 look for Holland’s Joost Wichman, Germany’s Aiko Goehler, Sweden’s Felix Beckeman and USA’s Blake Carney to be looking at denting the Czech dominance.

Round 1 winner Anneke Beerten will not be racing at round 2 due to some prior sponsor commitments. The battle will surely come down to Celine Gros, Katy Curd or Lucia Oejtens to take the spoils.

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Hier gibt es am Samstag Abend, 20:30 Uhr, den Livestream des Rennens:

Weitere Informationen:

Infos und Bilder: PM Chris Roberts

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    1. Tomas Slavik
    2. Marek Pe?ko
    3. Kamil Tartarkovik
    4. Jakub ?'ha

    5. Jakub Hnidak
    6. Hannes Slavik
    7. Felix Beckeman
    8. Aiko Gohler (GER)


    1. Katy Curd
    2. Celine Gros
    3. Lucia Oetjen
    4. Tereza Votavova

    1. Last Benedikt
    2. D?dela Gustaw
    3. Zawadzki Patryk
    4. Rawi?ski Maciej

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