1. haaland

    Suche Rear Shock for Mantis Pro Floater

    Hi I have this 1995 Mantis Pro Floater, sans rear shock. Does anyone have a shock for it? As far as I know the Noleen NR1 and Noleen NR2 will fit, same will certain Risse shocks.
  2. haaland

    Verkaufe SOLD - Merlin 1991 (?) - sn #2975

    1991 Merlin Mountain, serial 2975. Pre s-stays and this is one of the last one before the white decals became standard - if I’m correct. I’m looking for €620 for this. C/T Seat tube - 53 cm C/C top tube - 59 cm Headtube - 20 cm For cantis. Press fit bearings seems good. Kingsberry headset...
  3. haaland

    Verkaufe 3DV goodies

    CBR RSR 3dv cranks. With the necessary spacers and titanium bolts. €320 SOLD Specialized 3dv bar ends. Just some scratches but is very little used and abused. €50 Critical Racing 3dv cantilevers: €200 SOLD Ringlé 3dv qr titanium. Cracked O-ring. €60 SOLD No fading on these, really bright and...
  4. haaland

    Verkaufe 1990 Off Road Toad

    How about a Toad? 1990 Off Road Toad. Kona P2 fork, Syncros 1st gen seat post. Extra decals I’m looking for €1100 plus shipping for this. Please be noted that the condition is “patina” and there is some small rust issues on the frameset (nds chainstay). Shouldn’t be a problem and I have...
  5. haaland

    Verkaufe Wicked! Wicked! Wicked! Wicked! Wicked! Wicked!

    Cool project ready for a new challenge. I have too many and have to let some go. 1990 Fat City Cycles "Wicked Fat". Size Medium. Comes with IRD Expedition titanium fork CK No logo headset IRD seat post CBR RSR crank arms (only arms) Frame and fork €1100, h/s add 130, post add 140 and...
  6. haaland

    Verkaufe 1984 Salsa Cycles «Moto SL» - #SM052

    Something little fun for sale in the new year: Salsa Cycles was founded in 1982 after Ross made some bikes under the name "Red Bush". He was convinced by some friends to make a batch of 5 mountain bikes, and when he also built one for himself to see what all this mountain biking fuzz was all...
  7. haaland

    Verkaufe Mantis Valkyrie #1916 - 1989

    So - this 1989 Mantis Valkyrie, recently voted «Retrobike of the year 2019» at, is for sale. ´ I’m probably right if I tell that this is a darn cool bike. Probably something I’ll regret at one point selling as well, but I had my fun building it and I have way too many bikes and...
  8. haaland

    Verkaufe Ibis Cycles “Custom” (1983) - #46

    Here is another classic for y'all. In many ways this is a typical early 80s bike, but the stub stem, riveted Hi-E hubs and the Cunningham/Ibis Rollercam brakes are pretty cool and something that not every bike was equipped with. Hi-E started making these hubs way before there was purpose built...
  9. haaland

    Suche Looking for: Ringlé holey quick release

    Looking for: Ringlé holey quick release for wheels. Black or 3DV. Must be in pretty good condition.
  10. haaland

    Suche Ringlé Bubba MT8 rear hub 3dv 32H

    All these problems you run into when you are building. Plan: Rear hub with 8 speed. XTR drivetrain Reality: Have 7 speed rear hub. Total mess. So: Looking for a rear Ringlé Bubba hub, 32h, the MT8 model in 3DV. Preferable NOS, but super minty could maybe work as well. Have: Cash or a MT7...
  11. haaland

    Suche IRD 29.4 post (others could work as well)

    Hi I’m looking for a nice IRD 29.4 seatpost for a Yo Eddy. Must be original and black. Could be interested in other black seat posts as well: Kingsberry, American Classics. Got cash or trades.
  12. haaland

    Verkaufe Ibis Cycles “Custom” (1986) - #253

    The Ibis Cycles #253 - a custom frame with great components. Awesome condition and little to change here. A great bike from the mid 80s – just in the transition between XT700 and XT 730 – the front cantilevers are actually 730s from late 1986. This is all original besides grips, tires, chain...
  13. haaland

    Verkaufe 1989 Mountain Goat «Deluxe»

    1989 Mountain Goat «Deluxe» for sale. Pretty much minty, fillet brazed, full XT equipped and so much neon it’s hard to capture it correctly. 19”, serial 190899D - so the 8th 19” from 1989. €600. Price plus shipping from Norway. Parts: Frame Fillet brazed Ovalized Cro-Moly...
  14. haaland

    Verkaufe DAN/ED - 1995

    Want to have something crazy and don't want anyone else to have the same as you? This is your dream bike - the 1995 DAN/ ED full suspension (rear + stem suspension that is). Belt drive, internal gears, grip shift and the most CNCed steel bike there is. Marinovative rear brakes, Specialized...
  15. haaland

    Verkaufe Magura bars

    Uncut at 29" If you know you know. €480 plus shipping from Norway.
  16. haaland

    Verkaufe Dirt drop set up: Salsa, WTB, DKG

    Hi I am selling a set up for drop bars: Salsa P10 (€280) WTB RM2 bars (€160) - SOLD DKG shifter pods with XT or XTR shifters (€250) - SOLD or buy it all for €650. Plus shipping from Norway.
  17. haaland

    Verkaufe 1989 (or so) Bradbury Manitou

    It's time to get a little more aluminum out - this 1989 Bradbury Manitou is a rocket, but not quite my thing. It is newly renovated and ready for use. It has all the cool Bradbury parts: 145 / 115mm hub, rear brake bridge, stem (repro), suspension fork. In addition, it has IRD Progressive...
  18. haaland

    Verkaufe Parts - IRD, CBR, Bullseye, Fat City Cycles, Kona, Salsa etc.

    As I’m settling some builds I don’t need all this - so I put it for sale if someone need them better than me. Stems: Rock Lobster / Paul Sadoff - fillet brazed, 1’’, cable through the top and for 22.2 mm handlebars (so no need to use a shim) - € 130 (SOLD) unknown, fillet brazed and for 1’’...
  19. haaland

    Fat City Cycles “Fat Chance” 1986

    This 1986 #86904 is a bit different than the other mid 80s Fats - it has a splatter paint job and a Fat City stem - these stems are very, very, rare. No idea if the paint is original, but seems so. New Velocals decals applied by me. This has a mix of Suntour and Shimano components, Mathauser...
  20. haaland

    Verkaufe SOLD: 1987 Mountain Goat "Escape Goat" in California Yuppie paint

    1987 Mountain Goat "Escape Goat" in California Yuppie paint for sale. 19", great size although a bit short reach to be a 19". Full XT groupset, Fat City True Temper handlebar, Suntour XC Compe pedals with the toe flaps, Hite-Rite and a lovely paint job. Even better in real life! Seat post a...