1. Bencika

    Wheelset/rim advise... 27.5"/ Enduro/ rider over 100kg

    Hello, I started braking some spokes on my rear wheel, and it's time for a new one (the rim has all sorts of dents, wobbles etc., to be honest it's usable but It's just a excuse to buy something new) My budged for this plan is around 200€ - new or used Currently I'm running SunRingle Helix...
  2. Bencika

    Fraud- Buyer didn't pay

    Hello, I've got a problem with my recent sell with the user "marinagirl", Long story short... we had a deal 100€ for my go pro, as it's a two way street.. we gotta trust one another, so I've send the item eventho I didn't had the money on my account ,as i said we gotta trust one another he kad...