1. Xmut Zadar

    der "Eure Werkstatt" Thread

    Wurde der Grossman-Rahmen mal fachmännisch bewegt?
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    New Bike Day - Arcade 2020 - John Langlois

    How do you celebrate your new bike day? For team rider John Langlois, he throws some huge lines and creative tech moves! Here's John's first day on the new 2020 Arcade, featuring the Satin Bronze colour chosen by John himself. Learn more about the 2020 Arcade and find your nearest dealer at...
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    Bersha - breeze

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    Wibmers Law - der vollständigkeit halber

    Der Vollständigkeit halber:
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    Flipp - No Trophy for You!

    It was mentioned that I should start filming another video, so I did, but I'm just really not enjoying it. Here's what I've filmed before I decided to stop. It's somewhat a mish-mash of half-baked effort, but I guess that's just who I am now!
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    Bersha - May2019

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    MERIDA BIKING Team - Road to recovery - take 2

    It is over a year ago that MERIDA powered trial specialist Dominik Raab had a terrible slip up during a photoshoot in Barcelona and ended up with a badly broken foot and the prognosis that riding his bike like he was used to, might be a thing of the past. After making his way back to his...
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    Bike Trial Indoor Training July 2019 Jonas Friedrich

    Indoor Training by Jonas Friedrich. He is sponsored by, Allin Protein, Alpina, Breeth bike, Sks Germany, Rida wear, Jofr Trialsacademy, Trialtech, E.G.O, Weisert Druck Oberderdingen
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    Kevin Liu - Maestro Days : Clement Meot

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    Clean Trials | 2019 UCI Trials World Cup Salzburg | Austria

    The first round of the 2019 UCI Trials Worldcup took place in the beautiful city of Salzburg! Check out all the highlights here.
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    Bersha - For what it's worth

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    Vancity Trials - Andrei Burton in Shanghai

    Maestro hosted a 3 day camp in China and we were lucky enough to have Andrei Burton here.
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    Vancity Trials - Czech Republic : Day 1

    Flew to Prague to drop off some bikes, but Jonas and Vasek kidnapped me and I ended up shooting videos for the entire weekend. Here's the first day. More to follow Visited Vasek Kolar's stomping grounds in Blansko. Crazy trials park Last video from my first Czech trip. Managed to catch the...
  14. Xmut Zadar

    Vancity Trials - Croatia Trials Camp 2019

    Well it's that time of year again. Featuring riding from almost the entire Maestro Team: Michal Nowak Karol Serwin Vasek Kolar Jonas Kristiansen Thomas Pechhacker
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    Vašek Kolář - Trip to Innsbruck

    Navštívil jsem místní partičku v Rakouském Innsbrucku a zajezdil si s nimi na skvělých místech, které jsem znal jen z videí. Ať pršelo, nebo bylo hezky, jezdili jsme každý den do totální vyčerpanosti, ale stihl jsem pro vás během těch pár dní něco natočit. Speciální poděkování patří Vito...
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    Jan Sokolowski - Training in Schatthausen

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    Rafał Pisarski - Biketrial is Life

    Pisanka 2019 Maestro movie. After some years without riding i got this beast machine and started to push the limits again. V-brake do the job. Forget about HS. V is the future. Big thanks to Kevin Liu for bring me this incredible bike!
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    Rafał Pisarski - Gabbro 13

    Rafał Pisarski
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    Bike trial training in Liege, Belgium! Feel free to like and share!
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    Vancity Trials - Guizhou - Chinese Bike Trial League Round 1

    The Chinese trials season has officially started! This is a small local competition in Guizhou, first of many in a series.