1. ErikFive

    Verkaufe NOS/NIB M900, M901, M736 HS, NOS/NIB 734/737 brake pads

    For sale: M900 1" headset. Nos/nib 110eur M901 1 1/8 headset Nos/nib 110eur M736 headset 1 1/8 Nos/nib 90eur M734 brake pads. Nos/nib 45eur 2x M737 brake pads. Nos/nib 45 eur each 10eur discount pr extra item you ad. Shipping from Norway is not cheap. Tracked and insured (actual cost)...
  2. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Kona A´Ha Stars N bars Klunker/Cruiser

    Due to to many bikes, something has to go. This is a rather rare bird even though you see some of them. But I guess cruisers werent the top of the list of what people wanted in 1997. This was the only one the Norwegian importer imported of these. I bought it three years ago and put it in the...
  3. ErikFive

    Suche Want to buy black XT 730 crank

    Doesnt need to be mint, but fairly good condition. With or without rings. Please pm.
  4. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Trimble roo bar

    I am selling this black trimble roo bar. 0 rise. 110mm senter senter. 59cm uncut. Some scuffs, but good condition. 200eur net to me + shipping. I am located in Norway. Shipping to Europe is 33eur tracked.
  5. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Green and blue Ringlé stems

    Green stem: Good condition. As you can see there is a slight fade difference in front cap. Comes with top cap as well. 100mm 1 1/8 + slight rise. See pics. Rare colour and rare in short stem. 150eur + shipping from Norway. Blue missing face plate. 1» 120mm. Slight rise. Missing top cap...
  6. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Rare Critical racing handlebars for sale

    I have these rare Critical Racing bars. I have never seen another one for sale. But of course I might have missed it. Made by Easton in the US. They are in great shape. Only thing is two hair line marks where someone has cut of the grips. But nothing that shows when grips is mounted. 120EUR...
  7. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Pair of Blackwall 2.10 Racing Porcs

    YES, I know it is expensive for used old tires. :) I bought these a month ago. Shipping, import duties etc, but I didn't like the skinwall porcs on The Punisher so I had to buy a black set as well. And now the punisher is sold, so Ill sell these as well. If you need them, you need them...
  8. ErikFive

    Verkaufe 1992 Extreme Performance Products - Punisher 17"

    Ok. This was a keeper, and it was almost finished built up, but then I got an offer I couldn't refuse. So here it is for sale. I thought it was sold 10 days ago, but the buyer haven't paid yet and haven't responded for some days, so here it goes. I bought it a year ago or so, and I am listing...
  9. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Original Ird 26.8 seatpost

    Nice looking original IRD seat post in 26.8. Some scuffs, but overal nice. See pics. 150eur net to me + shipping.
  10. ErikFive

    Verkaufe IRD switchback brakes f+r

    Clean set of IRD switchback brakes for sale. One with holes, one without. My plan was to have holes in the front. All hardware, but the mounting bolts are not original. I also believe that I have a nos set of xt brake shoes for these that I will include if asking price is paid. 500eur net to...
  11. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Bullseye crankset. Nos DR + extra drive side

    The drive side of this crank is nos. I bought it nos two years ago. Searched for two years for the non drive side which I did not find. So I bought another nice set. I mounted the crank on a bike and the took it of again. The bike newer got cables or chain, so I did not ride it, but I mounted...
  12. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Campa/specialized qr’s

    Qr’s for that 80s build. Campa road f/r which I have modified to run 100/135. I used another axle and filed it down to fit. So now the rear is 135. Good condition and ready to roll. Classic Specialized for the seat. Asking 80eur for the lot + shipping from Norway.
  13. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Pair of IRD brake boosters

    A pair of white IRD brake booster. Nice shape. Some small scuffs. 50eur + shipping from Norway
  14. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Xt seat stay u-brake for sale

    So this is the little more uncommon seat stay u-brake. The same as chain stay, but the logo is the right way when mounted on the seat stay. Details, details, details. ;) the brake itself is in great shape, but the arch is a little skuffy. So i would probably find a new arch or use it without...
  15. ErikFive

    Verkaufe 1997 Alu Yeti FRO (handmade in Durango)

    So here is Yeti´s bastard child. The Aluminium Yeti Fro. It has the loop stay and the cool cable housing stuff, but 1 1/8 head tube and no wishbone. From what my Yeti collector friend says it is handmade in Durango, but of a lesser aluminum than. Either way it is a pretty cool frame, and it will...
  16. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Avid Arch Supreme + Paul Love levers

    Avid Arch Supreme in nice condition and Paul lover lever for V-brake in excellent condition. All hardware is present, but one of the small metal things that pushes them apart is a little beat up. But works as should and not visible when mounted. So does not affect anything. I just wanted to...
  17. ErikFive

    Verkaufe IRD RID Race suspension fork. 1 1/8

    Up for grabs is a IRD RID Race suspension fork. 1 1/8 ahead and a whopping 24cm steel steerer. So I suppose you can both cut and thread it as well. It probably need elastomers, but works as it is. But pretty hard elastomers. Canti brake arch. It has seen its fair use, but please check out the...
  18. ErikFive

    Verkaufe 88 Pinnacle Bmx/klunker rat build.

    So. I bought this very small Klein pinnacle frame. I think it is 14". So it was a good bike for making a 26" Bmx Klein which I wanted to do for a while. Ridden 1km since the build. I could have polished it etc, but I wanted a rough look. SE forks, Vintage motocross bars, very early adopted...
  19. ErikFive

    Verkaufe Steve Potts #009

    So this might be sold for the right price. Reason: I have to sell all my bikes to buy a bike I have wanted for years. So if this sells the Yeti, Mantis, Punisher will probably have to go as well. Or at least minimum 2 of the 3. This is Potts #009. 1981 Steve Potts #009. Mark Slates personal...