1. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe NEW Magura HS33 brake pads

    Hi, up for sale a set of Magura HS 33 brake pads. I ask for the set 20€+ship
  2. hunspecialized


    Hi guys, for sale a vgc XT M737 wheels. The bearings are perfect, with little trace of use on the brake surfaces. I ask for the set 75€+ship.
  3. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe Pair Mavic 231CD 32H

    Hi, for sale a pair Mavic 231CD rims. The coating is already worn off the brake surface but not worn anyway. I ask for the pair 59€+ship.
  4. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe Crankset! Black XT730, XT737, Ritchey Logic

    Hi guys, for sale some crankset. XT M730 170mm 46/36/24 - 70€ XT M737 175mm 44/32/22 - 70€ Ritcey Logic 175mm 46/36/24 - 30€ SOLD I can send some pics in PM.
  5. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe DX075-XT092-739 SHIFTERS&BRAKE LEVERS

    Hi guys, for sale some 3x7 and 8 speed DX/XT STI. ST-M075-55€ ST-M092-50€-SOLD ST-M095-60€-SOLD ST-M737-70€ ST-M739-70€-SOLD They all work perfectly. Shipping costs 10€ registered priority mail within the EU. I can send other pics in PM.
  6. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe XTR M900 hubs and FD

    Hi guys, for sale some XTR M900 parts. FD-M900 31.8 bottom pull - 40€ SOLD FD-M901 34.9 top pull - 40€ HB/FH M900 28/32H - 100€ I can send other pics in PM.
  7. hunspecialized

    Suche Black Post Moderne 27mm seatpost

    Hi, I'm looking for a black Post Moderne 27mm seatpost. Does anyone have a good condition and would you sell it? Thanks, Attila
  8. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe Shimano XTR M952;XT M750;LX M570

    Hi guys, here are some Shimano parts for sale. XTR FC-M952 46/34/24 Chainset 130€ XTR FC-M952 COMPACT 42/32/22 Chainset 70€ XTR SL-M952 85€ SOLD XTR M952 46T Outer Chainring 30€ SOLD XT HB/FH-M750 40€ the bearings are very smooth XT HB/FH-M760 40€ the bearings are very smooth...
  9. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe NOS Shimano XTR FD-M901 ø28.6 TP

    Hello everyone, there are three XTR front dera for sale. I would like to receive 70€ + ship/piece.
  10. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe 3X NOS Mavic X517 SUP 36H

    Hi riders, 3x Mavic 517 rims for sale! I would like to sell them for 150€+ ship. Thanks for looking! :)
  11. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe Shimano Deore XT/DX/LX parts for sale UP 20/11

    Hi guys, here are some parts for sale. :lol: Hubs FH/HB-M900 32H 90€ the bearings are very smooth FH/HB-M737 VGC 32H 50€ the bearings are very smooth HB/FH-M730/2 32H 45€ the bearings are very smooth HB/FH-M650 32H VGC 40€ the bearings are very smooth HB/FH-M550 32H VGC 30€ the...
  12. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe XT, XTR, Ritchey Logic, ShockTech

    Hi Retrobike Riders, some parts for sale! :) XTR ST-M950 80€ SOLD XTR HB-M950 VGC 50€ SOLD XTR BR-M950 80€ No Brake Pads and Brake Pipe XTR RD-M950GS 50€ SOLD XTR FD-M901 ø28.6 40€ SOLD XTR FD-M901 ø34.9 #1 40€ SOLD XTR FD-M901 ø34.9 #1 40€ SOLD XT FC-M737 175mm 42/32/22 45€ SOLD the middle...
  13. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe Rims, Rims, Rims!!!

    Hey guys here are some vintage rims for sale! - Specialized BX23 Black 32H 50€/pair - Ritchey Vantage Comp 32H 40€/pair - Ritchey Vantage Expert 32H 50€/pair - Araya RM-17 32H 50€/pair + postage! Shipping DPD courier! - Ritchey Vantage Comp 32H 40€ SOLD - Araya RM-20 36H 1985 35€ SOLD -...
  14. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe RARE! Rossin (Audi) Quattro 22" frame set

    For sale is a rare and beautiful frameset! Seatpost C-T 56cm Top tube C-C 58cm Head tube 1" 15.5cm BB 70mm Italian threaded SOLD! The bottom bracket not included, will go in the trash! :) The headset (TANGE) It can still be used, but it does not run smoothly! Price: 90€ not include postage...
  15. hunspecialized

    Verkaufe Shimano Deore XT 735 Platform Pedals

    Hello Gentlemen! For sale a few pairs for Shimano Deore XT Platform Pedal! :) PD-M735 VGC 45€ SOLD no damage, bearings are very smooth PD-M735 VGC 50€ it includes clips and straps SOLD no damage, bearings are very smooth PD-M735 40€ dust ring rubber seal is missing! SOLD no damage, bearings...
  16. hunspecialized

    VGC! Ritchey Logic Chainset SOLD

    Hello Gentlemen! Sale of the Ritchey Logic 175mm 110/74 BCD 46/36/24 Chainset SOLD "the arms have been lightened in the back: that's a considerable rut that someone's dug out of them" Weight - 714grams, its measurement 610grams! The chainset is in good condition, threads & tapers all good...