1. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe Klein Adroit mc1 19” Black Pearl frame / fork and mc1

    For sale Klein adroit black pearl in 19” some marks but in good condition. -original painting -original fork -mc1 90mm 0 ° rise, very difficult. It is necessary to highlight a small ding in the rear strap , very slight, but it is there .. There is no possibility of exchange for other bikes or...
  2. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe SDG Comp -Ti

    SDG comp Ti. Very good condition, minimal marks. In original box 110 ship included by Paypal Gift Best FRO
  3. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe Moots titanium parts Stem and seatpost. SOLD!!

    For sale moots titanium parts. Seatpost used , But good condition no bumps, no dents, no cutting: 27.2 34 cm center rail to end. € 125 ship included stem, used but in good condition. no bumps, no dents: 1/18 120mm center to center 145€ ship included Pay pal gift or banktransfer All sold...
  4. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe Cannodale F-1000

    For sale cannondale F-1000. aesthetically and functionally excellent. top of the range year 95 all original components except the stem, including one similar to the one used by Tinker. frame without bumps or scratches, original polished color, original stickers, all original !! all components...
  5. F.R.O.

    Suche Ringle 31.6 turquoise

    Hi guys. I wanted a ringle seatpost 31.6 , turquoise. NOS or Mint condition . Can you hep? I know, hard to find. Willing to pay reasonable money. best FRO
  6. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe Proshift MK1 green rear derailleur. SOLD

    For sale Proshift MK1 green rear derailleur. Mint condition, minimal marks, no fade. 300€. By PP gift or bank transfer. best FRO
  7. F.R.O.

    Suche Critical racing canti brake

    critical racing canti brake, short cam. preferably silver color. mint condition. another pussy is also welcome Can you help? best FRO
  8. F.R.O.

    Suche Syncros 31.6 titanium seatpost

    Wanted a syncros titanium seatpost in 31.6 Can you help? Best FRO
  9. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe Ringle H2O turquoise and 3dV. All SOLD

    Ringle H2O turquoise Mint condition , original, no repro. 70€ Ringle H2O light 3dv , NOS , screws and original packaging. 80€ both of them strong and vivid colors.
  10. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe SDG S700 Ti black and Red

    SDG S7000 Ti. Black Mint condition ,perfect kevlar without friction. 80€ SDG S7000 Ti. In red colour Good condition , perfect kevlar without friction. just dirty, (not greasy) 80€ interested please pm, I don't have much time at the moment. best FRO
  11. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe SDG s700 TI. Black and red NOS and Mint

    For sale a pair SDG s700 Titanium saddle . Black is NOS 110€ Red in Mint condition.110€ Best FRO photos shortly.
  12. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe Cannondale f1000 95.

    cannondale f1000. top of the range year 95. The bicycle is in an excellent condition, both aesthetic and functional. It was bought for my wife, but has been in store for many years. All its components are original, as it was bought in its day, no component replaced, even the tires, even with...
  13. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe SOLD //: STM brakeset in red.

    Fors sale this set of STM brakes, as beautiful as they are rare to find. in its original box, with its strctions, etc., absolutely complete. strong red color .. with laser engraving. a real rarity. € 400 for the complete set.
  14. F.R.O.

    Suche Suche / tausche critical racing silver brakes

    hi guys, I have a set of criticsl racing brakes, color silver, Mint confition. (long cam). interested in exchange or purchase of short cam under the same conditions best F.R.O.
  15. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe Boone , withdraw!!

    Boone chainrings 110BCD 46/34/24 best F.R.O. parts that I look for and can help. paul front derailleur, silver preferable, but color is not important. cook bros skewers
  16. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe Hope titanium skewers —-SOLD—-

    For sale hope titanium skewers black . 50€—-SOLD—- Best FRO
  17. F.R.O.

    Suche SDG. Blue s2000 /s7000 / compTi

    Hi guys I wanted a NOS or MINT SDG saddle . -S2000 -S7000 -CompTi I have SDG S7000 NOS , in red or black for swap. best FRO
  18. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe NOS Neon Kingsberry —SOLD—-

    For sale NOS Kingsberry neon skewers. For MTB ,Steel. 150€ —-SOLD—- Best FRO
  19. F.R.O.

    Suche Tioga carbo post 27.2

    hi guys, looking for tioga carbon post, 27.2 NOS / NIB Sold one a few months ago, damn! surely this happened to some of you before ...
  20. F.R.O.

    Verkaufe SOLD ///3DV fast feather skewers

    NOS fast Feather skewers. strong color, just perfect. previously the skewers were from member “Espress0”. 150€ / SOLD!!! best FRO.