1. viengsavanh

    Erledigt Pauls Love levers in Red or Black

    Looking for a pair of levers for canti brakes in red or black or both Original 1st editions Also after Black Paul's stoplights Cash waiting
  2. viengsavanh

    Verkaufe Tune Big foot Crank set Silver 94 bcd

    Hello I have for sale a mint like new Tune Big foot crank set with 2 rings fitted no scuffs, rubs or marks Arms length 175mm Please see pics for condition £ 230 posted ,,,, located in the UK Thank you regards Mike
  3. viengsavanh

    Suche PBC/Topline sls crank set/Grafton speed stix Black

    Looking for a PBC/Topline SLS crank set the one with the machined spider in BLACK or Grafton Speed Stix in BLACK Must be mint or super condition AND ONLY IN BLACK Also looking for an xt m730 BLACK chainring set or Outer ring must be mint or Nos Willing to ship to UK kind regards Mike
  4. viengsavanh

    Suche Pauls front deraileur 409 Black

    Looking for the above in very good condition or new Bottom pull Regards Mike
  5. viengsavanh

    Verkaufe Gravity Research Green canti set Rim crushers and pipe dreams,Grafton Fat fingers Green

    For sale is a very very rare brake set form Gravity Research lightly used front and rear specific Colour is great no scrapes please check pics Brake set £295 shipped to EU or would swap for Black Paul stoplights,,,,,,Now £275.SOLD,SOLD,SOLD Fat Fingers Nos £160,,,,,,,Now £140 need more...
  6. viengsavanh

    Suche Tune Mig/Mag hubset or wheel set in Black

    Looking for a nos or mint hubset /wheel set in black for mtb For Shimano 8 speed thanks for any help i found a blue set now looking for a Black set holes 32/32 32/28 28/28 Any help greatly appreciated kind regards Mike
  7. viengsavanh

    Tausche Chris King Hubset sour apple 32 hole

    Hi Looking for a Blue tune Mig/Mag wheel set i do have thes CK hubs i can put towards a deal for the right wheel set
  8. viengsavanh

    Suche Klein Adroit MC1 Backfire XS

    Hello I am actively searching for a Klein Adroit MC1 Bike/Fuselage 92/93 in Backfire with only a rigid fork in XS size Must be very good condition ,no dents or cracks No other size or color Hopefully with some luck i may find one please contact me if you have something and maybe we can sort a...
  9. viengsavanh

    Suche Tune Mig/Mag blue Hubs/wheel set Rim Brake

    Hello I am looking for a Nos/Mint Tune Mig/Mag wheel set or Hubs in Blue 26 inch 8 Speed Shimano compatable holes 32/32 32/28 28/28 135mm rear 100m front please offer everything Cash waiting but can maybe offer some nice swaps if that works also
  10. viengsavanh

    Help in Germany near ETOE paint shop,,,,,,PLEASE

    Hello People i need some help with a frame pick up from Etoe the painter and to ship to me in the UK as he will not ship to me for his own crazy reason after the frame had been sent to him for a paint repair then he changed his mind saying he only do full respray now for 1400euro so i asked for...
  11. viengsavanh

    Suche Ringle Green or Turquoise Front Twister skewer or pair

    Hi Looking for a Green or Turquoise front twister skewer Must be very good condition NO marks or scratches With white/Siver Ringle writing decal thank you for any help
  12. viengsavanh

    Verkaufe Critical Racing Canti Brake set Black VGC Reduced £185

    For sale is a very nice set 2 pair,s both short arms, of Critical Racing canti brakes with brake pad Ti hardware ,mounting bolts are steel also come with the correct straddle cable barrels these are really very nice condition ,not much use at all please check pics 200 GBP tracked and signed...
  13. viengsavanh

    Suche Campagnolo Atek/ rim 28 hole silver /black or Araya 28 hole rm 400 must be Nos

    lookin for a single rim Campagnolo Atek 28 hole Silver/black nos Araya rm 400 28 hole silver nos thank you for any help regards Mike
  14. viengsavanh

    Verkaufe 91/92 Klein Attitude Team Storck XS 18 INCH,,,, Reduced a little

    Hello I have for sale a lovely Klein Attitude Fuselage(Frame,fork ,mc1 ,bottom bracket) in Team Storck paint all original No cracks or dents ,mc1 uncut odd little chip in paint see 3rd to last pic below the E and one behind the crankset last pick but no bad chain suck It is built up at the...
  15. viengsavanh

    Verkaufe Fat Chance Yo Eddy Harlequin Metallica

    Hi For sale is a Fantastic YO EDDY and BOI Fork if i remember right a 95 SIZE SMALL Seat tube around 14.75 inch C / C ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, C / T 16.5 Top tube C/C 21 INCH Not ridden never from new no dents or cracks but has been built up twice once by the previous owner where he built...
  16. viengsavanh

    Suche Syncros 110 bcd 34-36-38 Middle chainring

    Looking for a Syncros middle chainring in Silver/champagne and nos to mint Shipped to UK and paypal 110 bcd 34 teeth 36 teeth 38 teeth Any of these will do me thanks for any help
  17. viengsavanh

    Verkaufe SOLD,,,,Cook Bros Turquoise seat collar quick release 31.8

    For sale is a very very good condition Cook's quick release seat clamp 31.8 Hard to find in this condition and color 1st pic no flash other pics with flash £115 shipped to EU,,,SOLD
  18. viengsavanh

    Suche Gravity Research Pipe Dreams canti brakes

    Hello I am looking for a single set in Silver or full set any colour of Gravity Research Pipe Dreams canti brake in very good or New ish condition please offer what you have any colours thank you for any help Best regards Mike
  19. viengsavanh

    Verkaufe Nos Cook Bros cobalt blue seatbolt Quick release

    For sale is a Nos still in packet Cook Bros seat quick release in stunnung cobalt blue £ 110 GBP £ 8.50 Shipping Located in the UK
  20. viengsavanh

    Suche Red Ringle super eight hubset / Tune mig.mag hubset Red

    Looking for a pair of 32 hole Red hubs must be mint or Nos 1)Red Ringle super eight hub set 32 hole 2) Red Tune Mig/Mag 32 hole Thank you and Merry Xmas every body