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    bc Loamer Laufradsatz im Test: Gutes muss nicht teuer sein

    BC jetzt hat Loamer MK2 mit Microspline.
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    Brauchst du #MEHRBUMS? Gewinne ein exklusives SQlab-Set von Tibor Simai!

    Because there is never enough BUMS. I need more.
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    Erfahrungen Specialized Enduro?

    I don't know, and to be fair I am not interested any more at all. It is not worth it. Maybe if new Ohlins STX shock was included :D.
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    Erfahrungen Specialized Enduro?

    I am not sure why the geometry wouldn't be the same, they use the same front part of the frame...
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    Erfahrungen Specialized Enduro?

    Ok, sells it, but the parts are way overpriced, I am staying on 26".
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    Erfahrungen Specialized Enduro?

    Hi to all. Does anyone know a German store which would sell Spec Enduro 650b rear triangle? I would like to convert my 2014 26" Enduro into 650b but Specialized dealer in our country says that rear triangle is not for sale...
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    Advents-Gewinnspiel #2: Winter Enduro-Bekleidungs-Set von Alpinestars [Gewinnspiel beendet]

    Helm und Handschuhe trage ich immer. Wenns bergab härter zur Sache geht, dann trage ich auch Ellenbogen-Knie- und Schienbeinprotektoren.
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    Test Enduro-Federgabeln #5: Rock Shox Pike RCT3 Solo Air

    Und wo is Enduro-Federgabeln #5?
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    Canyon Torque EX 2013

    White Gapstars are already sold out :eek:.
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    Canyon Torque EX 2013

    Ok, thanks. I've noticed that it has less travel in front after I've already send the post. Does anyone know how the travel is limited to 170mm in Fox fork? Is it easily possible to increase it to 180mm? Is there maybe only a spacer that needs to be removed?
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    Canyon Torque EX 2013

    Do volumespacers come with the bike or did you buy them separately? If you bought them, where did you get them and how much they cost?
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    Canyon 2014

    Jemand weiß, ob Torque EX wird immer eine Updates für das Jahr 2014?
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    Carver ICB - Die Serienbikes: Spezifikationen, Farben und Preise

    @Stefan.Stark: you don't have to comment my last post, I just had to let it out. At least IBC has you, who are really helpful and it is apparent that you try hard to please everyone. Thank you, I know it is not easy. :daumen:
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    Carver ICB - Die Serienbikes: Spezifikationen, Farben und Preise

    I wasn't following forum for last few days, I hope that I didn't miss something. Whole mess with XXL shops is a real disappointment (and dealbreaker). It is clear that they are not up to the task. Also it is not fair for the "designers" of bike - IBC community. Great you've designed us a...
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    Carver ICB - die Aufbaustory

    This is size M? Top tube looks quite long. Also I've noticed red hubs and red strips on rims. On previous pictures rims were blue. What about fork, will it have grey legs, not blue? Something similar to Canyon Torque which has green fork legs. But all in all bike looks really good, well done...
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    Suche Enduro Bike

    Hi, I am selling Lapierre Spicy 516, size M, model year 2012. 2012 model has one major advantage (at least for me) compared to 2013 model, fork is Fox 36 and not 34. Bike was barely used, it was ridden 3 times and has done about 50 kilometers. I've bought it for girlfriend hopping that...
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    Lapierre Spicy

    If anyone is interested I am selling 2012 Spicy 516 size M, condition like new (driven 3 times), send me private message. I will post it in bikeMarket but I am waiting for registration code. Edit: SOLD
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    Carver ICB - Die Serienbikes: Spezifikationen, Farben und Preise

    Also I am thinking a little about Wicked 170 and Torque Gapstar because of the ICB delivery problems... Both seem good bikes, Canyon has more suited equipment to me, but frame looks a little old it is time that they update it.
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    Hi, regarding: where do you...

    Hi, regarding: where do you come from, from which country? Best Regards, Domen