Too hard I'll tell you one thing

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Too hard I'll tell you one thing I predict thatlook for a close to win like a totally it's not gonna be acakewalk it's gonna be a fight it's gonna be a battle is gonna have some top top guys somelegends he better have is closing down today tohave this definition that perfectly better this much size possibly can says that guys are gonna bebadelain tooth-and-nail said the Masters the way the the this where where well a Russia might believe use that you've Oxygenius you wantto compete in the World Championship competition like the mist olympia that you don'thave to give your mind together because you have two mindstogether you have to we'll and you have themotivation and drive and division to see yourself as thewinner or forget about the whole it to you havethe in New did you meant to win this contest anddad.
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