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10. Juni 2015
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32cm Monster FAT CHANCE

These were made using custom FAT spec 10th Anniversary tubing. The paint is a unique blue purple transition fade.

A female FAT factory sponsored racer won on a bike similar to this in the early 90s. A superb handling bike, very light, with stable quick handling geometry. It also looks quite modern, like a mini 29er with its frame to wheel size proportions. It was originally custom ordered by a London Bike shop owner for his wife and has been well cared for. The frame and paint are in great original shape. There are no dents, geometry, hidden repairs or rust issues, just natural patina as expected.

The forks are rare FAT factory painted Manitou 2 forks, perfectly matched to the frame geometry. I cleaned out the forks carefully and refreshed them with custom elastomers imported from Suspensionforkparts in the US. The forks are set up for lighter weight 30-50kg individual. They compress and rebound perfectly making a big difference to rider comfort and handling over bumpy terrain.

Monster FAT CHANCE 1993 32cm frame

It will fit someone of 137cm-160cm height.

I include the frame, Manitou 2 forks, FAT original seat clamp, Alu stem, set back seatpost, 130g Renthal bars and CK headset included for £950 + shipping PayPal Friends and Family or add on the fees. I can offer the frame and forks only for £850 + Shipping PayPal Friends and Family or add on the fees.

Any questions please ask me.

Thank you for looking.



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