ACROS hubs - detecting axial play

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28. April 2018
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I have a brand new ACROS Endurance Race Carbon wheelset and I am trying to set up the preload of the hubs where I have to detect the axial play. I have hru axles that I have to tighten using an allen key. They are tightened to 10 Nm. But I absolutely cannot detect any axial play unless I loosen the thru axle to 5 Nm and unscrew til adjustment screw completely.

But what about the ”collar” for the adjustment screw? If I tighten the adjustment screw just so it doesn't turn isn't that not the same? If the collar doesn't turn there is no axial play.

Do you think that is a good solution?

You can answer in German, I read it very well it just takes way too long for me to write in German.