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3. November 2007
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Guten Tag!

Dear friends,

Let me introduce to you a mini-web-service that helps by a little bit to connect trials riders all over the world.


The point is simple: you write in the address bar the url*countryname*
and you'll be redirected to this country's main1 trials board/forum.
(substitute the *countryname* with country name, duuuh)

Chapter 1.

Why would anyone need this? For example, when I'm traveling abroad, I always try to write to local trials-riders.
They can always be of help - and it's just fun to meet and ride. All the trials riders are bro's :).
But sometimes it's hard to find the right website (for they are not always called like "biketrials dot domainzone") and you rarely have
time for search when you prepare for your departure.

That's why basing on this little project I'm making a, If you want, a world trials-hub. (Or, if you want, a lame "useful links" webpage)
It can also be viewed as a step towards globalizing the trials "content" — media, to be exact. But that's in the future.

Chapter 2.

But, to deploy this idea in it's full force, we all need to participate. I ask you very little - if you know of
a country's main* forum/message board - post about it or email me (direct at

Also, any other comments, suggestions, corrections are more than welcomed.

That's it!

Chapter 3.

Right now I have these countries
(shown the ways to put in the address - is the same as

russia / ru
uk / england / greatbritain / gb
romania / ro
ukraine / ua
korea / ko
hungary / hu
spain / es
usa / america
france / fr canada / ca
argentina / ar
china / cn
taiwan / tw
norway / no
lithuania / lt
italy / italia / it
czech / czechrepublic / cz
estonia / ee finland / fi
filipino / philippines / ph
slovenia / si
slovakia / sk
belgium / belge / be
netherlands / holland / pays–bas / paysbas / nl
australia / au
sweden / se

So, I am searching for info about the lacking countries and, if there's any, corrections (i.e. you could
request another country name alias, or correct the link to a more crowded forum).

Chapter 4.

The links should lead to forums, not to the websites, that means directly to people. What would I do if there is
two national forums? I would choose the one where there's more active users. The preference should be given to trials-specific
forums rather than general MTB trials sub-forums.

Chapter 5.

If you accidentally didn't learn the Chinese or Norwegian languages, there's a shortcut for you through the main page: click on the country's name and you'll be taken to a google-translated English version of the forum.


This website is conceived as totally non-profit, and it's utility depends on the riders themselves. A great way to help would
be to put a link to it on the national trials-boards and sites. Hopefully someday it will become a sort of tool for searching
trials-friends all over the world!


* — as you can tell is the "main" trials resource in GB.

Ich warte auf Ihre Eingabe
vielen Dank!
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3. November 2007
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Dies ist eine Web-Service für die Vereinigung Studien Fahrer auf der ganzen Welt

- I Let Google translate the main idea here for ya'all non-english speakers-readers :))