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8. November 2014
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Bike der Woche
Bike der Woche
Hi, do you need the Controltech extenders (because you love them) or just to extend the handlebars?
I`m asking, because I can do bar extenders for aluminium MTB handlebars that will be fixed/glued to the bars. I`ve made couple of them for me and my friends and all work very well. The extender plugs are made from aluminium, can be anodized (if you wish) and glued by professional metal glue into the bars (i.e. not removable). The best is that I can make longer extensions than Controltech provides (20mm). Actually I have one installation with 40mm both sites extended on one of my retro bike to fit my current riding position from modern bikes.
I can make the extender plugs, as well as to make anodization (will take longer time, unfortunatelly) and to glue it into the bars.

If interested, let me know via PM.
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