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    With uni last year and a few post-uni issues, riding really took a back seat in my life.
    A month and a day ago (according to file properties of the first clip) I finally got back into a decent place and started getting back into riding. I got the bug pretty savagely and started filming.
    I lost an awful lot of power during that time off, and I think you can tell from the footage that my subconscious tried to cover it up by constantly hitting full-tech-mode. I'm acutely conscious of the lack of magnitude throughout, and because I'm insecure about it I'd like to point out that whilst some of the wimpy-looking things are exactly that, there's a fair bit of oppo, switch and switch-oppo stuff in there. Also, 85% of the clips were filmed on solo-rides because apparently no-one rides anymore.
    I don't want the above to come over as false-modesty. I'm logically aware some of the clips in this are up there with where I was before, but I just don't FEEL it.
    Also - if you helped me out with uni stuff, there's one clip you'll recognise. I was just a few seconds shy of a full video and had a burning urge to make it right now - I still very much appreciate your help, and it isn't meant as a slight on you at all.
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    Wenn jemand ein Flipp-Video postet, ich so:


    [EDIT] ....und btw habe ich es noch nicht gesehen, aber freu mich jetzt schon auf Middach um dann sagen zu können wie es geil es doch wa. :D
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