Full face helmet - help,experiences,info....

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23. April 2015
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Hello ppl ,

sorry if I missed forum (its all in german :D)

I would need your help and some info. about full face helmet . I need new one , and this is list what comes in my "basket" ...

Bluegrass Brave Fullface Helmet
Troy Lee Designs D2 Helmet Fusion
SIXSIXONE Reset Fullface MIPS Helmet
Bell Transfer-9 Full Face Helmet 2018
Bluegrass Explicit Helmet

I would ask you to share your experiences with the aforementioned helmet, if you've had them ,or currently have them.

Till now , I chrased 661comp and 100% status , and they both are cracked.

Thanks <3


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8. Juli 2014
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Hey Ivan,
I happen to own a Bluegrass Explicit in medium (my head is 58 cm in size) as throw-around-in-the-lift-or-shuttle helmet, since my Giro is too expensive for that. Owned it for two years now.

It's a good helmet, though not exceptional. Reasonably priced, ventilation is good, but not superb. Comfort is great though. I chose it mainly because MET/Bluegrass products always fit my head very well, and this one does that perfectly.
The beak is a bit annoying, because the clever "fold-away-in-a-crash" system often folds away when you throw the helmet around. And the D-Lock is much more fiddly than the Magnet lock at my girlfriends Oneal Helmet (which is also a very good helmet btw).

I would buy a Bluegrass helmet again because of the great fit, but maybe next time I'd spend a bit more for a newer model with more advanced safety features.