Help in Germany near ETOE paint shop,,,,,,PLEASE

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17. Oktober 2011
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That's incredible ... I've had the same bad experiences. At first I went to court with him in his hometown and later, after warning several times, I "had to" report him for defamation. He claimed I had only paid part of my bill and I still owed him money. However, I got my frameset back a long time ago and of course this only happens after the invoice has been paid! Of course, I won the trial. I am very sorry for you that you have to have such bad experiences too.


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18. Juni 2020
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Hi Mike,
what a story...
I live 30 minutes away from this town. If you want, I could try to manage the pick up. Shipment from my address to UK shouldn't be a big deal. At least we should make sure that he hands over the frame to me.
Feel free to send me a PM for more details.
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5. Oktober 2007
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Nachdem ich versucht habe, den Rahmen für Mike bei Etoe abzuholen, was nicht geklappt hat, soll er nun doch direkt von Etoe nach GB geschickt werden.
Ich sag mal so, die Kommunikation mit beiden ist "ausbaufähig". Rückblickend kommt mir das ganz schön seltsam vor. Keiner hatte ne Rahmennummer, Auftragsnummer usw..
Eine Rückmeldung vom Mike habe ich auch noch nicht.