Verkaufe Ibis Cycles “Custom” (1983) - #46

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6. Januar 2017
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Sandefjord, Norway
Here is another classic for y'all.

In many ways this is a typical early 80s bike, but the stub stem, riveted Hi-E hubs and the Cunningham/Ibis Rollercam brakes are pretty cool and something that not every bike was equipped with. Hi-E started making these hubs way before there was purpose built mtbs. They were easy to modify since the mid section could be removed and replaced with a wider hub shell. To make them strong enough the shells were riveted. The stem has the brake cable through the stem, a style that Yeti/FTW later popularized. The cable noodle is a cable elbow with adjuster from a motorcycle, the grips is Magura motorcycle grips with the flanges removed, hubs are customized road hubs, and the pedals, quick releases and headset are from Campagnolo. Besides from that, the rest of the bike is equipped with purpose built mtb parts.

The story is that Scott Nicol used to photograph everything that had “by master” written on them, and had a good collection of stuff with that name. This bike has “by master” written on the top tube and “speedmaster” on the nds chain stay. This is supposedly the reason why the WTB roller cams later were called “speedmaster”.

Frame: Ibis with Campagnolo drop outs
Fork: Ibis with Campagnolo drop outs
Rims: Saturne X-22
Hubs: Hi-E, riveted for extra strength
Tires: Specialized Ground Control
Pedals: Campagnolo
Crank: Specialized
Chain: Shimano
Rear Cogs: Suntour
Bottom Bracket: Press fit, sealed cartridge
Front Derailleur: Shimano XT Deer Head
Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT Deer Head
Shifters: Suntour
Handlebars: Shimmed - alloy
Grips: Magura
Stem: Ibis
Headset: Campagnolo
Brake set: Ibis/Cunningham “Swiss Cheese” rollercams with finned Mathauser pads
Brake levers: Shimano XT Deer Head
Saddle: Brooks B-17
Seat Post: SR Laprade
Paint: Red

I’d like €4200 shipped from Norway for this



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3. Juni 2002
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Schöne Seite, da kann man schön rumstöbern und sein Wissen erweitern - und Englisch üben. ;-)
Danke für den Link!

In den ersten paar Jahren der 80er Jahre (als das MountainBike geboren wurde) waren also schon ganz schön viele Akteure mit von der Partie, mehr als ich gedacht (bwz. im kleinen unwissenden Hinterköpfchen hatte)... ;-)

Finally: Congratulations to the seller for this nice MTB and for the successful sale of it! Hopefully this MTB history diamond will reach the new owners home without damage.