Tausche Klein Attitude Gator Linear fade 20"


I hate to say it, but I told you so.
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28. Dezember 2012
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Copenhagen, Dänemark
Only swap:

Klein Attitude Linear Gator Fade 19" / 43 cm. center to center
This Attitude is a bit of a rarity as it is a Testbike. The moniker Testbike has been embossed in the paint like the logo and name is.

The frame and fork has no serials - common on Klein test bikes.

I believe the frame to be a 1993 model, and it does have some scratches and a small dent can be seen on one of the pictures (the picture with the pointing finger). There is some chain suck but no grinding. No corrosion can be seen and naturally no cracks anywhere and the bearings are running buttery.

The paint itself has minor fading yet vibrant.

The MC1 has been cut down to 520 mm. and the stem measures 135 mm. with zero rise. No clamping on the handlebar ends.

The story of the frame is that it supposedly came to Denmark, Europe sometimes around 1994. It has been hard to track it's history hence the missing serials and the very fact that it has been stowed away for like a decade or so.

I will be swapping this fuselage against an MC2 fuselage of any color in size 20". and almost in any condition (corrosion and multiple dents excepted). No sale!

Must be willing to ship at own expense to Denmark as this fuselage will be ship at possessor´s expense.


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