Mars issue. Massive trail 29er test

11. März 2013
Hello guys!

I saw that there was a big test in the mountainbike-magazine this month. Twelve trail/ light AM 29ers were tested at the range of 3000 EUR. I would love to have this magazine but Unfortunately I don't know a word of German :(

I'm looking to buy a new 29er this season and all the bikes Im aiming for was in this test so I'm just wondering if there is any German speaking here who may also have seen the test?

It doesn't seem like I can buy an online version of the issue at all (and then go the google translate route) ?

In MountainBIKE 04/13: Zwlf 29er-Tourenfullys um 3.000 Euro im Test - alle Bikes bei

Can somebody who have this magazine maybe summarize the test? Maybe even take a picture of the results? Or just let us know the top 5 or something?

It would help a lot!

Thank you very much in advance and have a nice riding! :)
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