Uelzen/Luneburg/Bad Bevensen Looking for a company to ride with.

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23. Februar 2021
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Hi everyone!
My name is Heorhii I'm 31 years old and I recently moved to Bad Bevensen from Ukraine.
My profession is computer vision engineering but my favourite hobby is riding my Focus SAM in a free time. In riding, I prefer trails and jumps but I'm not against CC or bike trips.

Currently, I don't speak German because I started to learn it only a month ago but Ich studiere. I freely speak English and quite good at explaining things on fingers as I have discovered during the past two months =)

I'm looking for a company to ride with, can participate in building trails (still didn't get if it is legal here) or any other community activity.
Any suggestion about how to find ride-mates would be highly appreciated.

Here is a video to better introduce myself.
PS I'm drinking beer on it, no sensitive content))