WM- bzw. WC-Track Pietermaritzburg: Gibt's Erfahrungsberichte mit der Location?

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11. April 2005
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Immenstaad, Bodensee

bin dabei diverse Infos diesbezüglich zu sammeln, da ist ja dieses Jahr Weltmeisterschaft... sowohl die der Elite, als auch die der Masters (eine Woche früher, also 20. bis 26.8.2013).

Wer von Euch war schon da?
Bzgl. Strecke, was ich so gesehen hab auf Freecaster ist die wohl recht tretlastig. Mir wurde empfohlen am DH-Rad eine Variostütze zu fahren auf der Strecke... also im Ernst.

Wie settet Ihr Euer Bike für da ab? Normal fahre ich ein 36er-Kettenblatt, und das fast überall... für Pietermaritzburg evtl. auf 38er switchen?

Wie seid Ihr so geflogen? Man kann beispielsweise via Emirates über Dubai nach Durban fliegen, von da sind es so 100 km nach PM, allerdings dauert der Flug 2 Tage. ODER man kann mit South African Airways operated by Lufthansa per Nachtflug direkt nach Johannesburg, sind dann jedoch 400 km nach PM.
Falls man Letzteres macht, gibt es da eine sinnvolle Zugverbindung nach PM von Johannesburg? Und ist die empfehlenswert wegen Kriminaität und so? Oder komm ich dann ohne DH-Bike und mit einer Kugel im Kopf an? :lol:

Edit: Damit hier nicht nur Fragen stehen, hier noch einigeb Infos, die ich per Mail vom Veranstalter erhalten habe:

"2013 UCI Mountain Bike Masters World Championships 2013 - Newsletter #4

Dear Matthias,

We are now only five weeks away from the start of the 2013 UCI MTB World Championships and we are looking forward to being able to present what we hope will be the best event of its kind ever.

In response to demand from riders preparing for the Masters event, we now have a 33 minute tutorial video that covers the entire Masters track, voiced by course designer Nick Floros. Watch it here!

For those of you that have already entered the event, it’s great to see your names and countries on the lists already and it is great to see the growing lists of participating countries and to place the orders for these national flags. However, for those of you that have as yet not entered, you are urged to do so at the earliest convenience so as to ensure there are no disappointments down the line when entries close. Please remember that entries close on the 1st August 2013 and no late entries will be accepted.

You are reminded that as an added benefit to taking part in the 2013 UCI MTB Masters World Championships, entrants will have a preferential entry process for the 2014 UCI MTB Marathon World Championships which will be staged in Pietermaritzburg in June 2014 in the age group competitions that will be staged at that event. This is pertinent in that there will be limited numbers allowed into the 2014 event.

As a reminder, the 2013 Masters event takes place the week prior to the 2013 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships from the 21st – 25th August at the Cascades MTB Park in Pietermaritzburg. The Masters event is open to all non-elite cross-country (XCO) and downhill (DHI) participants and there is no qualification process for cyclists wishing to participate in the Masters World Champs, and affords a perfect opportunity for many South Africans to compete on home soil. It must be noted though that any rider who has UCI points on the UCI ranking system on the 1st August 2013 will not be allowed to enter the UCI Masters World Championships.

The information herein will hopefully assist you in making your planning for the event in August 2013 easier, and should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Good luck with all the preparations and we look forward to seeing you at the event.

Alec Lenferna
Event Director

The Venue
Much of the same organizational team that has been in place for the various international cycling events staged in Pietermaritzburg will be working on the 2013 events and the organizers, together with the City have developed a prime piece of real estate which is almost right in the centre of the city over the past three years as the premier Mountain Bike venue in the country. This 12 hectare piece of land boasts competition ready Cross Country, Cross Country Eliminator and Downhill courses that were all utilized at the previous editions of the MTB World Cup events.

The DHI course has remained the same since its initial design, but having received feedback from riders as well as technical delegates, some changes have been made to the XCO course for the Masters competition with the main change being that the track has been shortened to a 7km loop and some more technical sections have been added so as to test all rider abilities. However, it should be noted that at every obstacle, there is a B & C line which all riders will be able to handle should they not be technically proficient.

The courses can be viewed at www.mtbworldchamps.co.za/masters or just click on the Masters event logo from the event website homepage.

Event Website
For more comprehensive information about the event and the linked entities, the official event website can be viewed at http://www.mtbworldchamps.co.za/masters . This site will be the best place to get updated information on the event and all developments between now and the event itself. The site will be updated regularly so make it one of your favourites!!

As the two World Championships are being staged one after the other, the same website backbone is being used to service both events so just click on the correct logo on the right hand side of the page to get info on the MTB Masters World Championships.

Team & Rider Areas
The competition site is extremely compact with the start / finish area for the Cross Country competition only 100m from the finish areas for the Downhill competition. The areas designated for the teams and riders are also within close proximity to these areas.

Team area management will be carried out by Chris Desjardins and his team from CRA World Events Management including Carly Shuman and they can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected] for more information of how to book space and the rates applicable etc.

It must be noted that should teams or individuals wish to erect marquees or gazebos on the site, they will have to book accordingly and must make contact with Carly or Chris at CRA. Day passes to make use of the existing marquees will also be available and can be arranged through CRA.

Bike Service Facilities
For the duration of the event, a bike wash facility will be in place and will be operated by Powasol. The facility will be free to be used by riders during the event or should they choose, the good people from Powasol will take care of your bike for you at a nominal fee.

There will also be a mechanical assistance facility on the site set up and run by Jowett’s Cycles for the duration of the event and should you need any assistance, they will have mechanics on site as well as a huge range of spares and tires etc – all that will be needed to ensure you can compete at your optimum level.

Accommodation Options
Pietermaritzburg and surrounds is blessed with a large variety of accommodation options to suit most if not all needs of teams and individuals. There are a number of hotels ranging from 2 stars to 4 star grades within the city as well as an extensive mix of Bed and Breakfast establishments and Guest Houses.

Ecco Tours are best positioned to assist riders and family members that need accommodation for the event and the person to make contact at Ecco Tours is Nathan Levendall and he can be contacted at [email protected]. Ecco’s details are also on the event website.

It should be noted that accommodation is being booked at a rapid rate and all entrants are urged to make arrangements with Ecco Tours at the very earliest to avoid disappointment.

Accommodation venues will also be able to assist any riders and families that would like to come to the region for an extended time period in the lead up to the event for training in the area or who would like to stay on after the event.

Official Vehicle Partner
The organisers are proud to announce that once again Europcar will be involved in the event as the official vehicle partner.

Please note that although Pietermaritzburg is quite a compact city, it is advisable for teams and riders to arrange for the use of a vehicle whilst at the event in order to get around.

In order to make arrangements for vehicles as well as special rates that will apply, please contact Deirdre Deetlefs at [email protected].

Official Airline & Travel Partner
The event organisers are very pleased to announce that South African Airways (SAA) is an official event partner and is offering all teams and riders travelling to the event – from whichever departure destination in the world – preferential rates and special travel benefits including extra weight allowances and free bike transport.
To find out more about these offers, as well as others should the SAA option not suit best, please contact Rajes Govender and her team which includes Mahesh Naidoo at Consolidated Travel and they will do all that they can to assist in the best way possible.

The contact details for the relevant role players at Consolidated Travel are as follows:
Rajes Govender [email protected] +27 31 266 6691

Mahesh Naidoo [email protected] +27 31 266 6691

Visa and Passport Arrangements
Every person seeking to enter South Africa must be in possession of a valid passport for travel to South Africa and, where necessary, a visa. Enquiries can be directed to South African diplomatic representatives abroad or the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria. Visitors who intend traveling to South Africa's neighboring countries and back into South Africa are advised to apply for multiple entry visas. Visas are not issued on arrival at South African ports of entry.

VISA Requirements:
• Passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of the intended visit;
• Passports must contain at least one unused page for entry or departure endorsements;
• Payment of the prescribed fee, if applicable;
• A vaccination certificate, if required by the Act;
• Statement and/or documentation confirming purpose and duration of visit;
• Two identity photographs (see website for details);
• Proof of financial means; and
• A return / onward ticket.

In terms of existing arrangements, passport holders of certain countries are exempt from visa requirements. Tourists must satisfy immigration officers that they have the means to support themselves during their stay, and that they are in possession of return or onward air tickets. They must also have valid international health certificates.

Further information can be found at: http://home-affairs.gov.za
And link: http://home-affairs.pwv.gov.za/visa_schedule.asp

For those riders that require support documentation from the organisers to make their visa applications, this can be arranged and Dellah Paul will assist with this and can be contacted at [email protected].

Entry Fees
The official 2013 UCI MTB Masters World Championships entry fees will be as follows:
• Cross Country - € 75.00
• Downhill - € 85.00
• Cross County & Downhill Combined - € 130.00

The official UCI Euro / Rand exchange rate as published at the beginning of the year in 2013 will apply to all UCI events and will include the 2013 UCI MTB Masters World Championships and the final costs will be publicized on the entry website when entries open.

These prices include VAT at 14% as per South African regulations.

Please be aware that entries will close on the 31st July 2013.

As is traditionally the case with the MTB Masters World Championships, the following applies:

- There will be no quotas or qualification criteria – anyone older than 30 years old may enter and entry will be done on a first come, first served basis as there will be a limit of riders per age category. The final limit of these categories will be announced in the next newsletter.
- National kit is not mandatory, but is recommended
- Riders with UCI Elite points in any discipline for the year in which the event is being staged, may not enter the event
- The entry process is a on a “self service” basis in that unlike the Elite World Champs or World Cup etc, entries are not done through the National Federations.

Please note that all entries will be done through the online system through the event website and no late entries will be accepted.

Visit our website : www.mtbworldchamps.co.za | On Facebook www.facebook.com/UCIMTBWorldChamps2013 | On Twitter @MTBWorlds2013"

Allgemein gilt noch zu erwähnen, dass dies die Infos zur MASTERS-WM sind!! Zu Elite-EM kann man sich nicht einfach so anmelden!!
Master = Lizenzfahrer über 30, und in diesem Jahr noch kein Elite-Rennen gefahren, und keine UCI-Punkte (mehr) vorhanden. Stichtag der UCI-Punkte ist der 1. August.
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26. November 2002
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zu der Strecke kann ich dir leider keine Infos geben, wohl aber zu RSA generell. Ich würde dir die Flugvariante JHB übernacht empfehlen und von dort aus einen Inlandsflug weiter nach Durban. Inlandsflüge in RSA sind im Allgemeinen recht günstig (www.kulula.com). Zugverbindungen gibt es in RSA so gut wie keine, JHB-Durban oder sogar PMB direkt geht wohl aber mit Shosholoza, damit habe ich aber keine Erfahrungen. Alternative wäre noch ein Bus, da gibt es gute und schlechte. Wenn du diese Möglichkeit in Betracht ziehst, suche nach einem Bus der NICHT ab Johannesburg Park City Central Station fährt, das ist ein Bereich in dem man sich als Weißer besser nicht aufhalten sollte, erst recht nicht wenn man teuren Kram dabei hat. Wenn du einen der teureren (für uns Europäer immer noch spottbilligen) Busse nimmst, sollte das aber klappen.
Ansonsten Auto mieten und selber fahren ;-)

Edit: Falls du noch mehr infos über RSA brauchst (Preise, Transport, Kultur, etc.) kannst du mich gerne Kontaktieren, ich hab 2005/2006 fast ein Jahr lang dort gelebt.
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11. April 2005
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Immenstaad, Bodensee
Cool, danke!!

Also, sieht jetzt so aus, ich fahr mit m Stefan M. (Masters-5-Weltmeister 2010 oder so), Ullie E. und einem Menschen mit osteuropäischem Namen ab Pietermaritzburg mit dem Auto.

Zur Strecke, da gibt's n paar ganz geile Videos, unter anderem unter Youtube eins mit Peaty und Minnaar, dann n Helmcamvideo vom Dan Shendan und das da:


(Kann leider keine Youtube-Links direkt posten, weil ich mich gerade in der Volksrepublik China befinde und Youtube hier komplett geblockt ist)
Oben Unten