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    Recycling-Fahrrad vorgestellt: igus:bike besteht komplett aus Kunststoff

    Yes we really need some carbon fibres in our diet now that the plastic is already there.
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    Prototyp gesichtet – neue, exklusive Bilder: Neues Canyon Lux im Anmarsch

    The bike that was used in this year's Cape Epic winners (Speed Company Racing’s Georg Egger and Lukas Baum) was the Orbea Oiz. The geometry of this bike (from their web site for the XC version) is 69 and 75 degrees for fork and seat angles, 430 and 435mm for chain stay and reach.
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    Neues Orbea Onna: Preiswertes Einsteiger-Hardtail mit Potenzial

    It's a good solution (to a non existent problem?). I use the front wheel version Swiss RWS Thru Bolt 10/100 and it works very well with Magura Laurin QR forks.
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    MTB-News User Award 2022: Bremsen-Marke des Jahres

    I do and have done for a long time. I have had Shimano XTs as well without any problems. My history with Magura started with the Louise which were great brakes. The first generation MT4s seemed to overheat on long descents but the MT4 Next gen have been flawless and have just bought another at a...
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    Lokal, global … egal?: Kommt mein Bike bald aus Europa?

    Are you saying that Bike Lives Matter lol
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    Ask me Anything um 10:00 Uhr: Deine Fragen an Magura in 90 Minuten!

    When did fork manufacture stop and are spares still available? I could not find any information on this subject on the internet. I still have and use your 130mm Laurin.
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    Lal Bikes Supre Drive: Mountainbike-Schaltung neu gedacht

    Same with a Rohloff ... hey that's a kool looking e-bike. Sheesh.
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    Neuer Vittoria Syerra: Ein Down-Country-Reifen für alle Fälle

    I like Hutchinson tyres as well but I do not know about robust. This is a three year old Python 2. The carcass has delaminated and caused a rather large and dangerous bulge. I contacted Hutchinson with photo but got no reply, will try again.
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    Magura MT8 und MT7 Raceline MTB-Bremsen Sonderedition: Neongelb ist zurück

    I like Magura brakes having had the Louise, MT2 and now have the MT5 / 4 (with titanium bolts and MT7 pads for MT5 as retrofit). I remember all the hype with the MT range coming out and the early recalls with the MT6 / 8 that they had. My brakes work perfectly and were easy to bleed during...
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