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    Die besten Single Trail (Freeride) Pic´s - Teil 1

    Fat biking, cooking and lake side hot pot......
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    Schwarz/Weiss Fotochallenge

    Couple of old ones here..
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    Wilder Kaiser extreme - Johannes Pistrol zeigt Bikebergsteigen am Limit

    Whilst filming the lower section we were nearly killed by stone fall triggered by hikers above us so, yes, it would have been much safer filming earlier. Much better light in that spot then too. Fact is, there is more danger from hikers and climbers above your head in that spot than Johannes...
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    die Liteville in Action Gallerie

    601 riding in the WIlder Kaiser with Johannes..
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    Hochtouren-Fotos - Teil 2

    Some recent clips from the Wilder Kaiser with Johannes..
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    69 am Berg - Colin Stewart und Tobi Leonhardt steil am Gardasee

    Panasonic GH2 (hacked) + DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro Black.
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    Glacier Bike Downhill 2014: Ines Thoma und Max Schumann in Saas-Fee

    Cool report guys, and girls ;)
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    Hochtouren-Fotos - Teil 2

    And is that the new Liteville BBS carrying adapter on the bike frame, are you a trial user?
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    Hochtouren-Fotos - Teil 2

    That's an awesome bike in your pic Ingo, is it a Liteville?
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    f-stop Loka: Robuster Fotorucksack im Langzeit-Test

    Interesting discussion. I've always found the Dakine Mission photo pack the best in terms of lightness and compactness when out riding. €150 is also the best price you'll get for a decent photo pack. We need something for ski photography. I think what's missing on the market right now is a...
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    Die besten Single Trail (Freeride) Pic´s - Teil 1

    Night time flight with Max Schumann at bike park Samerberg.
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    Die besten Single Trail (Freeride) Pic´s - Teil 1

    Light worm off Jochberg.
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    Hochtouren-Fotos - Teil 2

    Is this a Tobi Hero-Worshiper? ;)
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    Die besten Single Trail (Freeride) Pic´s - Teil 1

    Fabi taking the Lupine Betty-R for a ride 1000m above Garmisch..
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    Hochtouren-Fotos - Teil 2

    Some recent action from the Dolomites, featuring Johannes and Fabi... A Rocky Ride in the Dolomites on Vimeo