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  1. The ball cans smash . From my experience, it is hard to return the ball at such rates. Envision a shootercan even the best player hit on it? I designed a pingpong cannon that shoots balls, to discover.

    The cannon's power comes from Boyle's Law, which (simplified) says that pressure is inversely related to quantity. For example, if you put the atmosphere in a little reservoir and then release itlike the barrel of a rifle--the pressure will drop. This results in the air's volume to enlarge instantly, shooting some objects out, such as bullets, sharing that space. Boyle's Law was also used to great advantage in one of the most historically important air guns of all time: the Corps of Discovery Air Rifle. It was wielded by the army at the turn of the century but became best known as the weapon carried by Meriwether Lewis during the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1803-06. His rifle may be seen from the Virginia Military Institute Museum.

    I built my own take on Lewis' weapon out of PVC piping. A part of pipe functions as the air reservoir. A water-sprinkler valve, which costs about $15 at the hardware shop, controls the opening. I attached the top cover of the valve into the blowgun attachment of my air compressor. Then I pressurized the reservoir with the addition of atmosphere with a bicycle pump. When I pull on the blowgun lever, then it opens a port in the sprinkler valve, allowing high-pressure air atmosphere to move in the PVC pipe that serves as the barrel. As the gas expands, it ejects a pingpong ball that is pre-loaded.

    Oversaw the speed with a ballistic chronograph, I listed velocities over 300 mph. So could a player that is fantastic return a serve at this rate? I pressurized the cannon to see exactly what happened and recruited a volunteer.
    WARNING: Don't stand in front of a pingpong cannon--for obvious reasons.

    69.9 Speed, in miles per hour, of the speediest listed table-tennis smash, achieved by New Zealand's Lark Brandt at the 2003 World Fastest Smash Competition
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    willst du von Ötztal Bahnhof mit dem Rad fahren? Ich brauch ca. 3 Stunden bis Sölden, dann vermutlich 1 Stunde bis Vent, und von dort 3 Stunden fahrend und schiebend bis zur Hütte. Spar dir das! Fast jeder Bus hat einen Radhänger mit, damit kommst du bequem in einer Stunde bis nach Sölden, dort steigts du in einen Bus nach Vent um.
    Fahren kannst du von der Similaun in erster Linie auf der Südtiroler Seite runter zum Vernagt Stausee. Dann weiter nach Kurzras, mit der Gondelbahn rauf, weiter zum Hochjochhospiz und nach Vent. Dann wieder rauf auf die Similaun. Dafür brauchst aber ein paar Körner in den Beinen und solltest technisch fit sein. Falls du das nicht bist, lass das Rad bei der Martin Busch Hütte stehen.

    Gruß, pepe
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