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6. Januar 2017
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Sandefjord, Norway
The Ibis Cycles #253 - a custom frame with great components. Awesome condition and little to change here. A great bike from the mid 80s – just in the transition between XT700 and XT 730 – the front cantilevers are actually 730s from late 1986. This is all original besides grips, tires, chain rings and chain (as far as I know).

Why am I selling? I have something cool in sight.

Frame: Ibis Custom including matching Silca pump with Campagnolo pump head
Fork: Ibis
Rims: Araya hard anodized
Hubs: Shimano Dura Ace
Tires: Specialized Hardpack yellow label
Pedals: Suntour BMX with WTB Toe Flaps
Crank: Specialized flags
Rear Cogs: Shimano Dura Ace cassette
Bottom Bracket: Shimano 730
Front Derailleur: Shimano XT 700 “Deer head”
Rear Derailleur: Shimano 600
Shifters: Suntour XC
Handlebars: WTB 25 degrees
Grips: Grab on foam
Stem: Ibis
Headset: Specialized
Cable hanger, front: WTB
Brake set: IRD Progressive U-brake rear with Shimano 730 front
Brake levers: Magura with gum hoods
Saddle: Brooks B72
Seat Post: IRD Micro adjust + Breeze+Angell Hite Rite
Paint: Green
Serial: #253
Year: 1986
Size: Suits me well at 182 cm. 20” ish seat tube, 22.5” top tube as most Ibises. More measurements upon request.

This bike was also used with a set of IRD bars that was purchased around the same time. The buyer can choose whether he/she wants IRD or WTB bars. The WTB has a lof of sweep at 25 degrees, the IRD is more moderate at 12 degrees (see picture). The original owner told me about the bars:

Also the Wilderness Trail Bikes handlebar is the original that they came out with. Mark Slate design I believe, as Steve Potts and Charlie Cunningham were, especially Charlie, committed drop bar guys. Steve later so. Anyway this was their original flat bar with 25 deg. bends.

I have the original Biopace rings as well if the buyers want them.

I’d like €2850 shipped for this, please bank transfer since Paypal gives a shitty conversion rate. That includes a good folder of the original documentation as well.



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6. Januar 2017
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Sandefjord, Norway
Some of the documentation. Pretty neat!


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