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5. August 2013
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Beste Raw Pflege*

Several years ago, Charlie Cunningham investigated best practices to clean and protect his frames. The same method could also be employed to any bare aluminum frame. With the frame stripped bare of parts and all dirt cleaned off as you would during any bike cleaning, the frame is scoured with a very fine grade Scotch Brite #7447 pad with Fluid Film. This process removes any corrosion and oxidization and leaves the frame with a light protective coating. The final step is to wax the frame. Any liquid wax would likely work, but for this application, I use NuWax because it lasts a long time and is cheap. The wax is applied with a white, super fine Scotch Brite #7445 pad and then buffed off with a clean rag. This whole process leaves the frame with a fresh, milky silver finish, a far more desirable finish than the super-high polish of some aluminum frames.