Marzocchi - schlechte Nachrichten aus Bologna


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14. Februar 2007
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RaceCo Dispels Marzocchi Rumors

Race Company, an official distributor of the Marzocchi brand, wants to clarify the recent rumors about financial difficulties and the future of the mountain bike division:

"Even though Marzocchi faces complicated economic times, the brand is more determined than ever to move forward. Just like what was done with the 888 RC3 EVO Titanium V2, the Italian firm has every intention to continue its quest for excellence and wants to reassure all consumers of the adventure initiated in 1949.

The information published in the local newspaper at the origin of the rumor came from a note sent by a union in conflict with the company's management. It does reflect reality in any way. At no time did Marzocchi plan to cease operations or to end its investment in mountain biking. The 2012 range is currently available will certainly not be the last of this industry giant.."


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6. Dezember 2009
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Bike der Woche
Bike der Woche
evil villt. solltest du als entwickler bei mz einsteigen, dort wirds doch eh umstrukturierungen geben werden...